Our Products:
ClinicSol is a database application which keeps all of the patient and billing information securely stored and organized in one place. This makes possible the easy retrieval and coding of data needed for creating and sending your billing files to the HLINK mainframe at Alberta Health each week.

ClinicSol Integrated Modules:
ClinicSol provides two options of the scheduler: The Drag and Drop and The Standard Schedule, which can be configured upon current medical office requirements.
Patient Demographics:
The patient's module allows the user to save view personal information records. It has three search options: Patient Health Number, Last Name, and Chart Number. The patient health number is validated through Alberta Health's algorithm before it is saved.

Used by the medical practitioner to enter the patients' visit records and related billing fields for billing to Alberta Health. The Visit module has the capability to generate patient invoices and track down costs of treatment billed to Alberta Health. Billings to Alberta Health through Alberta Health weekly assessment results. Patient's payables and receivables are updated and posted on the patients' account shown in the Visit, Scheduler, and invoice and billing reports.
This module prepares claims for electronic transmission to Alberta Health HLINK's mainframe in Edmonton. The process of preparing and sending claims is straightforward.

2 Label Makers, 3 schedulers, 1 patient detail, 1 daily report, 2 assessment results reports, and 1 invoice maker.