We provide services in the processing, submission, tracking to payment, and reconciliation of claims to Alberta Health.

Additionally, we offer the following services at no extra cost:
- Two ways of submitting your claims to H-LINK Alberta Health: Browser Authentication and Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
- Validation of Health Numbers for Alberta and Out of Province patients. Let's avoid the extra work of dealing with refused claims due to invalid health numbers.
- Validation of the billings codes based on Governing rules and Health Service Codes before your claims are submitted for processing. Seriously, we aim at submitting your claims right the first time.
- Our cut off time to receive your billings for the following week payment is every Thursday at 4:45pm, but will continue submitting right before 5pm to ensure your claims are processed the same week we receive your claims.
- Yes, we do the reconciliation every Saturday morning and report back to you with our billing summary and detail reports.

For more information please contact:
Bruno Romero at (403) 397-5473